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I almost missed my b-day gift because of this...


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Hi, I would like to bring your attention to the constant RMT spam via e-mails, PMs and normal chat.

Do you think this is OK?


This is really annoying, definitely not a pleasant game experience.

After a while of this constant spam (I see it on every character that I re-log to) my brain started ignoring the mail icon visible on the screen and I have stopped checking my mail. Because of that I have not read a few important messages on time and I almost missed my b-day gift.

I remember there was time when that did not happen, so I would appreciate if you made them stop the spam again, thank you.

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I do not think they are taking any actions at all. Block list meanwhile is growing in only 17 days another 86 additional spam bots added.
Thats about 5 per day so my block list will be full in about 45 days from now if this continues.
@Juji @Hime Can the block list be expanded to 1024, 2048 or bigger?

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