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increase Adena drop to reduce farming for adena

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I appreciate NC soft's efforts to reduce multiple client play, however the reduction to 10 clients running on each machine as a norm is just acceptance of problem and not a solution.
VM ware offers solutions for client run from same PC and with decent CPU you can easily run 2/3 (or more) VM's and farm away.

If the adena drop was increased (in high profile places) less clients would be logged in order to maintain main characters.
Just an idea.

Loopholes are always going to be there but improving a game-play over "active" client run is a lot more engaging 

If anyone from CLASSIC server is reading : please make suggestions in server. Example : All catacombs and necropolis to have similar adena drop (instead of Devotion being the only one with best drops and adena) and All A-grade(harder) catas have harder mobs and less adena +agro.

just thoughts

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Limiting 10 accounts per machine means "I'm trying to solve the problem" but it resulted in "bot's that use offgame programs still have several boxes per machine and you legitimate players are limited to 10 boxes" The intention was good, the result was bad for legitimate players. Increasing the adena drop can be a way to help high level players not need to buy adena from RMT's or not need to log in multiple boxes to get good farms and therefore good items. Another idea would be to often do events with items like this year's birthday event, many players have moved from a lower level to something higher, matching the game. P2w events are an important part of NCWest's income, non-p2w events with good rewards are an important part for players to be seduced by L2 classic and play more and more.


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Just realised that with mine 13 accounts I'm not even near to the top legit farmers, got full parti basically and few traders in Giran. It's exhausting. Why we can play as years ago, just with one box for healer or buffer and that's it, all this effort for making more and more Adena.. and at the end there's no drop of recipes or part or whatever!

I have few characters that are Vip3 and vip4, so I'm paying to ncsoft, I cannot see any difference to this apart of few % exp on top of it - big deal, yes .. and few hats with +1-2 str or whatever...

Where is the Classic I this new lineage rip-off ??? Only Skills are the same and armors/weapons.. the rest is spaghetti. Fix the server - we need drop of recipes

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Most farming zones are also filled with farming trains of farmers and there are no legit people there, ppl who still play they just buy nc store stuff sell it and then buy gear/shots and farm attributes zones which dont drop adena.

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