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Armor Appearance Stone


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5 hours ago, Kale said:

Hi, question, when use the restoration appearance of an armor, the Appearance Stone is returning back to the Inventory? or i ll lost the Stone?... TY

You lose the Applied Appearance if you use a Scroll: Restore Equipment (#-grade) or stiff the Grocery NPC and Apply another Appearance over the current one instead(using an Appearance stone/set or normal/Blessed Modify Armor scrolls and Extraction Item(s)... ie. Blue Wolf Robe parts. You only need Restore Equipment scrolls if you want to reset to stock Appearances and keep them) If it is a Premium Appearance like Vesper Noble, Elegia or the newer L2Store Appearances, you might find someone who is willing to Trade you the same STAT set->set and pay you extra for the Appearance(use some of those World Chats see if there is any interest before torching the Appearance... )

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