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how to deal with those big bois xD ?


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mostly people threating me either they will destroy my clan or make me quit the game :) thats kinda funny and kinda sad but dont worry, im a fighter, i like some pvp and newbie like me killed a lot more of theirs pk chars so lets have some fun.  Ill stick with my opinion that = u go offline, room isnt ur anymore. Feel free to hunt me in game guys for not being afraid to protect myself :)

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@Najka  i dont wanna make u quit the game. But when xp event ends we will have some fun :) 
U couldnt handle 81lvl pk char...
When exp event ends, 84lvl incoming :)

And this is not because u try to take rooms or anything. This is purely because when i was talkin to u like a normal person tryin to give u advice on what to do in game, u turn around and tell me "I will **** ur mother"

So yea, fun times coming soon boii

I cant wait!! :) 

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Way to post a 1 sided story. You literally warred 8 different people from my clan over the course of 2 weeks. We were patient with you knowing you were a new player.. we suggested different farming spots and asked you to stop pking nicely. You literally said "i will **** your mother" to 2 different people in the clan. We told you over the course of 2 weeks what a war against us will look like when we decide to fight back. 

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Big talk, no action. I've fought these guys and their alt's a couple of times. They make trouble for sure, but when you're persistent enough, they give up. Been playing in giran for 11 months now, and every time I ran into them, I got the room I was fighting for in like 4 to 6 hours. 
Go big and hard, you're gonna make a place for yourself.

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