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P skill power vs P skill crit dmg AUGMENT

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They're about the same when in use.

20% p skill crit dmg is the end game want augment as a dagger. With how stabs work and how crit dmg stacks, I think the crit dmg is better.

In my testing, crit dmg gives roughly the same dmg increase as skill power. So 20% should be best in slot.

Either one is an awesome augment.


Edit: you will 1 shot most all pve mobs with either augment.

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15% skill power is not 15% increase in damage, as you have to factor in your regular patk in damage calculations as well.

20% p skill crit damage is basically (since stabs skill crit 99% of the time) a 20% increase in damage, this is much better than 15% skill power.

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