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Introduce new l2 style for active pvp and less carebears.


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Let's introduce;

  1. Drops upon death by mobs / raids.
  2. The ability to make huge trains of mobs without them returning to spawn location.
  3. Re-introduce the sin eater.
  4. Add more pk scrolls / reputation scrolls during events.
  5. Even make weapons drop upon death; even if augmented; if killed by mob.
  6. I prefer the above for armors, dragon weapons, shadow weapons, jewels, shirts, belts, circlets and cloaks.
  7. Even bracelets cause they have to learn everything is pixel related!
  8. Remove the bless scroll of escape scrolls (normal / clan hall / castle) / augment skills / party return and return skills.
  9. Block summon and believe of exalted when karma is active.
  10. Activate medusa mode for those who stay longer then 1 hour in town with 1 hour waiting time.
  11. When 1 hour time has ended; auto teleport outside of town and not the ability to re-enter for 1 hour.
  12. Display counter to see how long you are currently in town.
  13. No exception for any clan hall or any castle the same timer will be applied.
  14. Restrict the ability only to be able to fish outside of  towns / castle and clan halls.
  15. The higher the karma the more you drop on the floor.
  16. The ability to only drop raid hp if more then 7 people in any field raid zone.
  17. Every field raid zone also pvp zone.
  18. Re-introduce shadow armors and weapons for those who lost something for a normal adena price.
  19. Give clans who have wars active the ability to be able to teleport to pvp location if any pvp is active.
  20. The above with a pop up notification and ability to select teleport location only be usable if no karma active.
  21. Make macro users turn flagged ( pvp mode) if macro is active longer then 1 hour.
  22. Make all mobs instant agressive if any player is flagged ( pvp mode ).

I wish lineage 2 wasn't designed to be an elpy heaven. 

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Most, if not all of these points are actually heavy carebear.

Other than that, you've picked the wrong game for such changes anyway.

Also don't forget that you`ll get reported for harassment and such if you flag someone killing a raid for example, which will result in 3 day ban xD 

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21 hours ago, Yidao said:

In Korea such a PvP server will be introduced on Monday, July 30:

We will probably get it next year, together with the Fafurion update :)

That's great news I really hope it will ever come to ncwest. Since the cap between low and top geared players is so huge I haven't been in sieges for years and so did the rest of those players I know. Then people are wondering why sieges are empty. Dimensional siege still exist; ghost castles totaly empty it's so pointless.

Beside that; siege zones should be with the same gear, based on level; I suggest the same in olympiad. You can't expect a new player to pay insane amount of money, but you can expect them to level up their character. Since this isn't accepted by ncwest; players are leaving. Nothing to do then level up your character. They rather go the russian server where the amount to pay is 1/50. I still wonder isn't the red light burning yet in the ncwest building? Then ask yourself the question; Why haven't those dutch players spend 0 euro the last 2 years? We need active pvp, nothing to do beside level up = no pay. Long ago it was attractive to login and have a blast; today with my bucket list of things to do in Amsterdam lineage 2 is on the other side of my A4 list. Be creative and switch faster; games updates are way to slow compared to eu and russia....

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