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Tickets follow-up


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Hello @Juji @Hime @LIME

I started a ticket 22 days ago, going back and forward everyday in order to make some improvements, providing bot pictures, videos, glitches, game mechanics abuse, about the current game situation where multiple people exploit the game mechanics, and where you have a server security issue.

Could you have a look at those tickets?

#23762407 (soon closed without any success)

#23767994 (closed merge to #23762407)

#23762471 (closed merge to #23762407)

#23756831 (closed merge to #23762407)

The tickets are getting closed without being taken care of.  A total of more than 2 and a half pages of feedback given on a daily basis 

Worst part, I provide even more evidence to the ticket and I get shutdown by Senior GM.

Latest message:



I understand where you are coming. As previously shared, rest assured that we will take the necessary actions based on our findings. 


Since we have nothing more to add in this particular issue, please note that further reply regarding the same matter may set your ticket to solve.


In the event that you have other questions or concern, feel free to create a new ticket. 



Senior GM Drayg

NCSOFT Support Team


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Makes ya wonder how safe all your hard earned money really is,  I know another toon reported multiple times, video sent, times recorded when to go watch, and same thing, nothing was done.   I had 20 people on chronos come watch this top player on bot, all saw it, recorded, submitted, told them time and place to confirm, they guy knew he was being reported and never even mailed off his gear, because he knew he wouldn't be banned, and he wasn't. 

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