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Character Name database update.


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There has been a problem of picking good names for our characters. Since the servers are old, a lot of nice memorable nicknames are taken, and, it may not be so easy to come up with the new name. Not to say that if you play a character you consider to be your main, you occupy the very same name at all the other servers.

In the light of the update at hand (many ppl will be creating new characters), given that the problem persists for a long time, I am suggesting the following:

1) To remove old unused 2y+ characters from accounts which were not active for a reasonable period.

2) After the removal, (given the case if the character is set to be removed, yet the name can't be taken even after the counter expires, unless the owner logs back to the server/an account after the expiration) to refresh the database, so that such freed up names can be taken by alive people.

3) Synchronize this actions with the update implementation.

@Juji; @Hime

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Doesn't matter, team doesn't listen anyways, doubt this will ever be read.   I transfered so many times I am stuck with the letter i before my name,  I offered to pay the 50$ to remove the i and they can trace my transfers to see I'm the original  "Degus"  but they still wouldn't take my money.  

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