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Usage of "shared" skills with other players


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I'm Feoh Archmage and if i party with other feohs one of my skills definitely do not work well.

Elemental burst - seem that it get disabled if another feoh use it.

Could be explained as that mob or raid boss status do not allow two feohs to do it as opportunity of use skill is consumed by one who was faster to cast that skill.

Its hilarious to me to think that devs programed it in this way.

I would like to know if other classes have similar problem.

For example two daggers or two archers in party on raid boss - does one of them get disabled in some damage skill witch is being used by first one?

Also I wish to know in Oly if one oponent decide to be so courageous to use his heroic hide skill does oponent with similar skill get disabled to use it because opportunity to use it was already consumed by first one?

Btw on final Rad Boss in event at Keucereus base do not work at all - is disabled all time.


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all feohs can use Elemental Burst when Destruction debuff is up(even u do not need to be in pt)


All type of Destructions put the same debuff  type on target

So Destruction from StS and from MM is the same skill

It is like Death Breath(feohs skill) and Blood Stab(othels skills) both of them have bleed efect. So only one of them can applied.

U have many others situations like this evi skill and bulleye etc. etc

Hide is another story

it is selfbuff not a skill which can be used on opponent/target

Only Wynn's marks can be stack on target( but the need to be from other toons) So boss can have 5x Mark of Trick/Weakness/.../.../..

in rest(im sure with 95%) skills only one debuff can be applied



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Sadly this is a feature of an outdated game. Most mmo avoid this issue nowadays.

I have a feoh too, and the only workaround is to use burst immediately after using destruction, and get into a 'rhythm' with the other feohs so you don't screw each other.

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