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exalted quest and CC


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There are different times for the different instanced zones: Emerald Square (Veridan), Steam Corridor (Kechi), Coral Garden (Michaela) (link for schedules on server time: https://l2wiki.com/Crystal_Caverns) but on those occasions, you can get randomly one out of 4 bosses: Normal, Wealthy, Wise and Armed (this last one is what you want for Exalted quest).

Unlike it says there, it's not unlimited, you can only do it once per day (or using a pass adds you 2 more opportunities to go per day), but the instance only locks after you kill the raid boss. So if you wanna "farm" the Armed boss, just enter a party with that purpose, do the whole instance and check which boss you have. If it's anything but Armed, just party return and go in again, and try again until you get Armed. If you are a bit lazier, just do CC/Baylor every day normally :D eventually you will get all of them Armed.

Overall, it's a faster option than waiting for Earth Wyrm Trasken to spawn ;) good luck!

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on the day you need Armed go in and when you get to the boss if its not Armed dont hit it have the PARTY leave and go in again till you get the right one you can do it all day as long as you dont hit the boss, best done with your clan , when I did it it was 6 times


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