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Salvation: Clan Changes


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As I found out today ONLY the members who have on their privileges the "Set Fuctions" on System Privilages ,

are able to put or reset clan skills ... The rest have the buttons activated but when they try to press ok

they got the System Note "You do not have the authority to apply this Fuction"


Hope this info is helpfull enough.

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Ok I got 720k clan points and there is only useless stuff to exchange them for that doesn't even help my clan?

Am I missing something?

Same thing for personal rep?  Like come on really I already have over 500 enchant scrolls can I get something useful for those points?

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Untradable or not who the hell needs enchant scrolls.

Highest priced thing for clan points is 250 for 2 hour raid bonus.  How the hell does that help my clan?  And do i need 20k of them?  Nevermind they expire 1/17/18 so ill never use them all.

Also is there updated info on the new clan skill system or clan levels because the patch notes mention nothing about how the new system works at all.  The website has all the outdated clan info,

If I am reading the clan info right it is going to take me years to get clan level 12 nevermind 13 14 15 and i got nothing for over 200k clam rep and full clan skills but 720k tokens that are useless.

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