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Talisman (outlaw, hunter, conqueror, slaughter) for Healer?


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On 02/01/2018 at 1:16 PM, Astarothy said:

If you'r on budget, go for otlaw, but you really should starting saving to abundance lv1 as it's like oil and water.

I agree with this. Between those 4 talismans, OUTLAW is an affordable option for healer, but if you can, get a Talisman - Abundance Lv. 1 (High-grade): Max HP/ MP/ CP +510, P. Def. +971, M. Def. +552, P. Evasion/ M. Evasion +7, Attribute Resistance +15, Debuff Resistance +15%, Received P. Critical Damage -15%, PVP Damage -15% when equipped. Can use the Power of Abundance skill. (P. Atk. +15%, M. Atk. +15%, Skill Power +15%, Skill Critical Rate +15%. Duration 1 minute. Cooldown 10 minutes.)

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