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Maximum stats cap


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in classic there shouldn't be dyes limitations to +5 like in previous chronicles, so the maximum gain possible from tattoos would be +12 on a single stat.

however, considering that some armor sets can boost stats even further to +3/+4, the maximum amount of stats boosting would be either +15/+16.


thing is, i was busy planning characters builds, when suddenly i remembered reading infos somewhere about characters stats capped around 52 in classic, with lower gains from going further past 52.

i'm not really sure if that is true, so i just wanted a clarification on stats caps in our version of the game before buying tattoos. any official infos will be much appreciated, thx in advance.

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Guys...in which server did you play?
Skelth had dyes up to +12, and ur stats were increasing as well. This was part of a big drama at the beginning 'cause mages were broken OP for this. They had the chance to go +12 WIT -12 MEN making them lose nothing while Fighters (archers for example) had to go +12 STR and -12 CON. Quite much the reason why the nerfed WIT base stat and empowered the DEX. I'm not sure if we're going to get dyes like that...hope not, but who knows.

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