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Lets just wait and see that they are gonna do.


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I think they already know what WE, the costumers are not happy with drop/adena/spoil system. EVEN Donatros are not happy ! ...They already know... So let's just wait and see... hold our wallets, just have time in real life, get back in few days, and if @Juji, @Hime won't give us happy news, we will just go play others mmorpgs. 
As for me, Im from Europe, I better pay 10 eur montly and play confortable, with decent loot, adena, hardcore, because it is still hard l2 classic, right ? And be happy. 

Yea it is f2p but.. but u can't enjoy playing here without donations, and even, with donations, u still suck cucumber :) I'm scared to think how things gonna be on 30 lvl +...
People who will say - " U haven't played classic back in 14 years ago, bla bla bla it was hard like now, bla bla bla, bla bla. BLA. "
First of all, people already showed u proves that it is not x1 server... it is even lower :)

Secondly, time changed, right ? How many ppl who played l2 classic 14 years ago gonna play now?They are 25years + they have family, kids, they dont have time grid 1k adena for 10h :) 
You have to adjust, balance game for old ppl who really wants that hardcore, and for new comers :) Who would like to play Lineage 2 from the beggining :)
Have a nice day guys. Just my opinion.

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5 minutes ago, Mawata said:

Are you seriously suggesting that everyone buying things from the cash shop are... rich?

Well in Europe, people get 1000 eur salary average, some less, some more. I dont think they gonna pay 15 eur everyday just to play game with SS :) 

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