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I made all of the races before patch

Orc had butcher sword

Human had a sword or wand

Dark elf had a sword or dagger

Dwarf had a hammer

Light elf had a staff or sword

People probably made the light elf and did the quest for it and transfered because thats exactly what I did

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In Lineage 2, a mage weapon is not neccessarily a staff.

In later chronicles, they introduced the concept of 2 handed mage weapons having a higher m atk than 1 handed mage weapons, and it looks like they kept that in Classic, so the top mage weapons will usually be 2 handed staffs, but that doesn't mean only staffs are mage weapons. There are daggers, one-handed swords, one-handed blunts and two-handed blunts(staffs are not a separate subcategory, those are two-handed blunts as well) that are mage weapons.

That's kind of irrelevant now without the SA system, because that is what made a weapon fighter or mage weapon, but in the end, you only lose 1 m atk when using the dagger instead of the staff, but you can use shields with it, so that's the trade-off. Simply having a staff does not give you any benefits over having a dagger with the same m atk.

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3 minutes ago, nbx said:

In Lineage 2, a mage weapon is not neccessarily a staff.

Somewhy, I can't edit my previous post, but the thing I meant to say was 'Wand' and not 'Staff', my bad. The staff indeed has different stats.

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