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Solution: 'Client will be closed'


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Been a week since I've been able to log in to this game.... bought the chronicle pack and literally have not been able to log in to the game since the moment I bought it. Pretty freaking pathetic.

Shortened the queue by increasing the server cap, but you still can't fix  the bug that kicks people as soon as the get done waiting in queue? Yall have been "working" on that for like what? 2-3 weeks now? Multiple maintenances and a couple updates.... NCsoft at it's finest.


Thanks for reminding me why I quit Lineage 2. 

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On 13‏/10‏/2018 at 12:09 AM, Hime said:

Hello all,

We have rolled out another fix for the 'client will be closed' issue while players wait in the queue or once they've reach the character screen. You should no longer be kicked from the queue while you wait. Queue times may be longer as players will no longer be kicked as they wait.

No server downtime was necessary, but you will need to update the game client through the NC Launcher to receive the fix.

hi i got problem with name changing and i submit a ticket but there is no respond for long time what should i do ?

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