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Know Issues and more. When will You start to fix?

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48 minutes ago, OneWingedAngle said:

We have Almost 2months after update and ?

Many skills need to be fixes... Instead fixes you are providing new event.

Ok i get it, that events are part of L2, but we want to play on game w/o hundreds of bugs

What do you want to "play" exactly? There is nothing to be done ingame.

Any bugs are irrelevant at this point.

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i know a little diffrent definiction of promotion.

It exist, when price of item which is already in shop are cut by some %.


can u imagine, that some ppl still have fun in l2?

game is one thing but ppl are a lot of more important

but seems NCWest think simmilar like You.

vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas

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For old ppl in l2, yep, events have another definition, but when the item is just 100% in store and is not 365 day there , just come to grab u cash and go, yep is a promo store. For all new nutella players everithing is event. They don't saw trully events that had fun and was farmed etc in game.

The company just clean u mind with success and you accepted and settled.


For me the things to fix in game are , adena , drops , and items from game that now are in store and need go back to the in game farm. 

The other things just p2w ppl have fun for play this game, f2p ppl are frozen and left all day from servers.

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