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Most selfish and cruel community ever?


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I originally came back to level in oldschool style in groups when i reached lv 20+

The end of the story was no invitation until now with my lv 21 wizzard..


People didn't even bother to reply... (such an impolite / assholery i couldnt describe it more) this must be the most shitty, unpolite community i have ever seen...

I mean for what are people playing for if not for a nice and fun leveling experience and chatting together? Pretty pointless in my opinion.

It seems that 90% of all pts consist of melees and maybe buff bots.


My 2 Cents and bye.

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my old L2 guild left yesterday, because GM's arent fixing the queue, then they think ncsoft just want win money, and not think in the community, i tryied to do a party with another guy, and told me " im not winning enough exp " then quitted

it seems people dont know mathetmatics

if you make 4% in a round with all your mp, with only 1 friend in party, and soloing you win only 0.70 until you empty your mp, then... you are doing more in party and soloing... and is more safe, u cant die..

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