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23 minutes ago, Maju said:

its not bugged.

classic l2 was always max +5 for one, or +12 total (3x +4, as biggest single dye was always +4-4).
You can get +5 by going +4-4 and +1-1 (or +3-3+2-2, since its cheaper)


"Lineage 2 Classic" was always +12 max for one, stop referring to classic as C1-C4 or so...

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classic is +12, example +12 wit, +12 str.  Dont be morons.  I've played classic, I have applied +12 -15 dyes.  Lineage 2 pre classis was +5 only.  I swear you guys are so ignorant you just want to come on here and spew shit out of your mouth when you arent even sure.

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