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Aden crashed


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Chronos 1863 players
- Naia 1986 players
- Talking Island (NA Classic) 6353 players
- Giran (NA Classic) 5169 players
- Aden (NA Classic) 3024 players
- Gludio (NA Classic) 2451 players
- Talking Island (KR Classic) 1470 players
- New Gludio (KR Classic) 1379 players
- 지그하르트 (New Sieghardt) 2080 players
- 바츠 (New Bartz) 1758 players
- 카인 (New Kain) 1876 players
- 블러디 (Bloody KR) 1885 players
- PTS KR 44 players


looks like servers up just launcher down..

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