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Noobie Nerfs(Daily SS BSS)


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The Noobie Rewards from Daily Progression are all removed... the Steel Door Weapon packs/Armor parts(Paulina's is much better... unless you PK a few ppl and lose set part) no more Runes(1-85), the Belt/Shirt/Bracelet just updated for GC(should be added to 2nd Class change reward) and the Daily Soulshot/Spiritshot Chests(should be added to 2nd Class change reward). Now a new character has to buy shots after the SSC/BSSC from Class change run out(and They will run out of Adena before they get A-grade Paulina's)

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On 12/9/2017 at 6:07 AM, marw said:

On korean/innova servers it's solved with 1-85 quest :(

Yeah we got a half-assed update. I was kind of fine with that because the only thing I'm making money off anymore are basically the fortune pockets. Then I realized that all the stuff that helped a newbie level was removed too and I then weeped a bit for the game.

It was bad enough pre-change as a newbie in this game since you couldn't talk with anyone or find any real updated information on the game mechanics itself. Now you can't even level up properly because there are no drops for you to afford shots with. Runes are gone so you can't even use them to get past the slow spots (usually early 80s where you end up having to grind before the DV quests open up).

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