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Are you joking? Ticket resolution / blocked account

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Good Night, Its been 10 days thas my account was blocked because some credit card problem. I opened a ticket in the same time as my account was blocked and got response only one time at once. I informed all infos necessary to unblock my case but i got no response until now. Its happening with a lot of people and has this huge delay in resolve. How a company that its been in market for more then 15 years have this bad support with user? Seriously it really being a joke of service. I beg to analyse theses 2 tickets above for immediate resolution. 


request number 22570423 and 22591047 !! help me pliz !!





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did you use your own credit card or from another person?


also your name is related to the illegal virtual money, did you associated bitcoin with bank account? maybe something hard happened and not related to ncsoft


1) was that your credit card?

2) is your bank account or credit card frozen to do another things?

3) can you enter to your online banking?

4) did you do transfers between your illegal bitcoin account and your legit official bank account credit card?


i dont know what happened to you, but reading your name, maybe you were in a illegal transaction or something?

think about it, is weird what happened to you

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Credit Card issues usually end up in perma ban.Don't keep your hopes up or demand resolution, you're in no position to do so.Also, the forums are hardly the place to cry about such things, since even Juji doesn't do the financial processing and case investigations.

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the card was from my grandmother, is there anything wrong with using relatives cards? Not that I know !! My account blocked is not this, this forum name was a joke, use normal cards that I use every day, I do not understand these sistemad them, never used bot or anything illegal in life !! I have been looking at the forum now and there are dozens of people complaining, this is absurd, who is to block they do nothing.


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