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Fix to current p2w


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*ALL* items should be available to be farmed by players *ingame*.

I don't care if you want to bind the items to the player so they cannot sell them, and will require nccoin to seal them to sell (i.e. longing, insanity...etc), that's fine, and still allows players to pay their way to the top of the food chain.

Having items that *only* p2w players can get just means that it's a game of who's the richest IRL, and even though I occasionally spend on NCCoin (thousands, over the course of almost 14 years), I still believe that time investment, clan cooperation, and game knowledge should at least be *factor* in how well you do in the game.

I know you're trying to milk the game before it finally dies, but what you're doing is immoral and only serves to ruin the already crappy NC West name. In fact I believe that with the many people who still love the game, but are unwilling/unable to invest tens of thousands of dollars into the game just to remain relevant, you can still earn a killing through a large number of smaller purchases, instead of relying on a handful of p2w players making humongous purchases.

It's only smart business to not rely on only a few customers, in case some of them suddenly decide to quit. I know of a player who regularly spent thousands of dollars on the game, just to quit because he felt like there was no challenge to it, and within an instant you lost a customer who pretty much bankrolled a handful of your employees singlehandedly.

The past 2 events and the upcoming circlet event are *all* brand new items, which NCWest forcibly made into p2w when other regions have them available in game.

You don't need to remove p2w, you just need to remove p2w being the *only* way to win.

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 I follow what happens in the last 2 months since I started playing again, after a 6 year pause!

As you can see for yourself mate, no1 from NCsoft even bothers answering or giving any kind of clarification on the topic of P2W destroying the balance. There is no balance anymore, they do not care for balance, there is no Fair-Play at all. Few days ago in Olympiad I got hit for 703k dmg, next match I hit a guy for 360k, next one I got hit for 420k, next one I hit for 180k, its ridiculous.. 

I am furious, because I loved the game, I am still in love with it, but now I see all has been changed! Only graphics are the same.

I am willing to spend money on it, only if I could see a healthy environment, competitive PVP, fun enjoyable PVE, interactions between players, trades, parties, spoil, craft ...

Basically every peace of descent gear you can get is L2STORE exclusive, and other items you can get by playing are L2STORE upgradeable, augmentable, enchantable etc etc ... 

We have no means of communication directly to NCsoft in a manner so we can make a change! 

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You know how if you've ever played a lowrate Private server. You get that feeling of unease about putting time and even money in it? I get that feeling in official now. These desperate cashgrabs make me feel like they're trying to ring every dollar out of the userbase before they "Lineage 1" Lineage 2.

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The issue would have to be ncsoft moved so far away from what this game used to be that players can't even recognize it anymore. Back in the day you could hit max level without having to stand around in town all day hoping to find a party when there's not enough players online to begin with. Those players moved on to low rate private servers because they want the same experience like we used to have. The issue with those low rate private servers there's donations, etc. ncsoft could easily make their money back if a classic launch is done right. 

Take care,


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