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Mr Potatinio & SnowFlake Valakas dagger stage 2 (28/1/2018 dime siege)


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21 hours ago, Dude said:

But do you own Aden yet?

I don't know if you're blind or if you're slow but didn't you see the siege icons that MS is defenders of Giran meaning we own giran and we did it while Max and Nova were attacking us and you're asking if we own Aden lol damn people this days.... btw Max doesn't own Aden as well lmao and Nova almost lost theirs as well last dime siege lol 

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I rephrase the question made by dude, apparently another nova fan:

did you managed to finally take chronos aden castle after all of your failures?

The answer should be simple:

- yes


- no

discuss ins't a proper answer and mana reg neither.

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