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200kk for a clan skill or i'm getting old and I see 1 zero plus?


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I've just leveled my clan to lvl 3 and i see we have 2 skills that costs 200 kk (No Clan Return and No Clan Ressurrection).

What is the point on this?

At first I thought it was 2 kk but then I put all my attention on all that zeroes and I had the impression that was 200 kk.

Again: What's the point on this?

Conclusion: NCWest receive some money from adena's sell?

That doesn't make any sense to me.

If I was a project leader for Lineage 2 patches I would never allow such bizarre (Not to say stupid) thing to happen.

I graduated in 2004 and I was born in 1978.

How old are the person who had this brilliant idea?

Btw, I need a job.

I'm available to move to another country.

Please @Hime, explain me this:


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To be fair, these two skills you mentioned (Return block and Ress block) are the ultimate lategame skills for top of the top clans only, it was never meant to be a skill for the masses

That being said, the adena rate is still silly, and the more I play the more I agree that NCwest is indeed somehow involved in the adena selling...

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