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  1. He's a loser without self-esteem who can only vent his frustration by pk ppl afk, if not afk he does bsoe. The best thing you can do is ignore him like a spoiled child
  2. Why has NCSoft destroyed Field of Silence hunting zone?
  3. And what is the absurd reason why macros and automatic skills remain at death or disconnect and toggles dont? Also why do toggles exist if everyone always activates them?
  4. On Golden compass event is imposilbe to get ++ bracelet one round per day
  5. New p2w event. Nice way to force ppl quit. gl donators
  6. Mantenimiento semanal de los miércoles. Esta semana más largo de lo habitual, 5 horas.
  7. The gm will remove the items when they suspect that the origin of adena doesnt meet eula
  8. International clan? Clan chat language?
  9. Urian

    LF Tips on Feoh

    Video or never happened
  10. Currently: Gainak, Raid bosses, selling L2Store items and scaming
  11. My nickname is taken from Urian demon. The demon Urian is the inspector general of black magic and sorcery and has dominion over all witches, according to German mythology. Appearing as a giant black goat, this demon copulates with witches and presides over their sabbaths.
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