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  1. Apologies if this has been posted already but on all types of Homunculus the text in the "Communing ability" is partially obscured. examples: - Tanga visible text looks like "Increases P.Atk by ---- mal attack." - Ari visible text looks like "Increase Skill Power by ---- sing skills." - Juju visible text looks like "Vitality is recovered by a little when ---- " I think it's pretty easy to guess what the missing text is but it would be nice if it was fully visible.
  2. Does this mean that those who are still clinging on to old skills (i.e. didn't take the replacement 4th class skill) will lose them?
  3. Actually surprised fishing is available at any level. Was this ever the case before?
  4. Interesting find. Could be one of the symptoms of the overall problem.
  5. The queue isn't fake. It's the combination of a queue that exceeds the 10 minute login server restriction. You wouldn't want people hanging around there with no intention of actually logging into the game blocking others from using the login server.
  6. I find it hilarious that listing an item priced close to $200 seems perfectly feasible to NCWest. 14,400 NCoin... the gall is actually amazing. Also are you high? What are these translations? M. Power Defense Power M. Speed You do know these have usually been called 'M.Atk', 'P.Def', and 'C.Spd' in Lineage.. right?... RIGHT?
  7. Even players with 10 year old toons have trouble keeping up without shoveling out real money for the ingame store. I've played the same toon since 2011 and still am constantly one shot in large scale pvp. Serious question- are there any private NA servers worth considering?
  8. For HK- is it still worth keeping Shield Deflect Magic (DA skill)?
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