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  1. As far as i know you get ban for that, and since you put that on the table GM's should verify and ban accounts who use virtual machines because there are "camera" on spots where greedy chests appear and they are killed in 1 min therefore normal people have no chance to find or kill any chest, this is out of control.
  2. You can follow my path, share items and play with exalted gear. for me is quite peacefull right now because there is no race for gearing up myself
  3. Those were different times when you had actually drops, or new peoples are supposed to fight raids and mobs w/o shots?
  4. You nailed it actually. You as a player need to be kept in that box and not to think outside of it, the level of satisfaction given is little and in small portion so you dont quit l2 but not too much either. The harder you get things they have more value to you as a player which is a lie since they are virtual items but you dont see that or dont want to accept that because you are trapped already in their grand scheme and you will close eyes and pay for every virtual service they are offering to you.
  5. i noticed that chant of bison stats are not applied when the buff is casted same with dominator, check please this bug
  6. https://youtu.be/qvKgfppRUEM You really showed him what a pony is
  7. New items or no new items for me it stop here where god jewels are introduced, enough is enough.
  8. Does anyone know what will be the cost in making krishna weapon in enchanted version? because i have r99 wepon and i can upgrade it to krishna but i dont know how much it will cost me to make it enchanted.
  9. Can you say please about what improvements are you talking on those classes and also how do you think they will affect future gameplay for them, ty in advance.
  10. Since soulshot add 100% damage probably it would be wise then to remove them and add double effect on skills and normal attacks. It is not the same thing? that way we will not get soulshot lags from visual effects and no item to be counted.
  11. Vexi


    Consider upgrading to UE4, few links show how beautifull looks this game with UE4. Game must be rebuild from the start but if people make this as personal project im sure that a company like NCsoft can make it also, hire these people if they dont know how to do this, for sure investment will be recovered in time. This request is not so well written but it contain what i wanted to say. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCocS9RU4I57u2oA6OIFNhDA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAjXflZp2FI
  12. Vexi

    Farm in new areas

    What setup is needed to be able to have decent damage as yull in new areas like elven ? My GS setup is +10 normal r99 set, +12 dark bow 2SA haste+skill critical dmg and 10% skill crit dmg + skill crit dmg augument, dmg skills oe+10 break, abundance lvl1, ruby 3, red cat eye lvl3, cloak pve+10, new oly ring that add skill crit dmg, earth wyrm, frintezza, COC earing, istina earing and lvl 103. I know i need blessed valakas and tauti ring for extra p atk and skill power but im not sure those 2 accessory make such a big difference.
  13. You know, Lineage 2 business model in NCwest is profitable for L2 company, for rest of the people who don't have the possibility to spend a fortune for the items they will remain down there and continue to make daily over and over until the end of game since there is no possibility to upgrade themselves to a point that will make them competitive in PVE at least, you need gear to fight for gear. So go ahead, continue to add higher and higher level mobs and raids and items that suits well to your business model, most of the people will remain low level cause there is no point to level. We remain
  14. As i see there lllllllll is not targeting the same dd's but all LB, all being 1-2 hits on a interval of 2-3 seconds. LB are almost 2 party there and you are telling me that he made macro for all LB clan and pressed macro for all of them and in the same time 1-2 shot them? Do you realize that is the most pathetic explanation to prove that he is a legit person in game?
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