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  1. Wynn's Rehabilitation Program

    Sorry if I bump an old topic but I want to input some of my opinions. Regarding summoner for example in Aion, summoner have nice PvP skill like mass fear that can be exploited in open PvP. I did not play Aion in many years so what happen in current Aion I have no knowledge about it. My point is Wynn have debuff that can be use in PvP scenario but in our version now seems useless. I don't speak for all Wynn users and did not have nice gears to PvP anyway or in top clans or something but at least for us who wanted to PvE casually we need a fix to ensure longevity of this class.
  2. Wynn class suggestion

    Thank you Helv and Quenia. So from my understanding even if we get back all of our pets which are 4 of them like in pet windows we still can not do faction at lvl101+ efficiently? I just think it an easy fix for them developer rather to messing with a lot of new codes for re-balance or re-working on Wynn's AoE skills. Also I thought maybe the developer feel that if Wynn have 4 pets it might lead to another problem such as raid boss and bot. As token of my gratitude I will bump that post about Wynn too. Thanks again guys.
  3. Wynn class suggestion

    I just think if wynn will be able to get the 3rd and 4th pet summon at higher level corresponding to new content we will be getting in the next update. It is like the 3rd pet will be open at level 101 or 103 and 4th one at level 105 or something. Just to give this class a hope to play. I do not know if it will be game breaking or something but other class will not be affected by it in case of PvP just for PvE to give enough chance for wynn class user to grind for factions. Thanks for reading. Any input is welcome.