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  1. use image upload site with full link for the pic https://imgur.com/0GOe6be right click on image and Open image in new tab u will get full link for the pic https://i.imgur.com/0GOe6be.jpg then insert other media - insert image from url
  2. I personal think the region select is for Blade and Soul though I do not play that game and do not know what license it got for regions but they still fixing it, many feature do not work like streaming and stuff
  3. my opinion is this celebration for all, free and loyal l2store alike if u want it have some limitation, maybe put some lvl limit like some have said before lvl 35 or lvl 25 or lvl40 for minimum requirement, for vip status i cant say what to be done but sure can put extra boost on vip chars like more xp/sp they got from fioti or something with xp scroll on fioti event with purchase limit for vip on l2store to implement it will be more work and more time for us to get it
  4. yes too many wynn there but there always a room i think last time i went there i can macro in ease no one ks me u can explore other spots for depending on ur lvl harnak get an empty room for urself altar of evil, spot near dark elf village it will be fun if u explore it urself, see how much adena u got per hour arcan city region, seal of shilen, pagan temple, blazing swamp and a few more i forget it all just check em
  5. sure u can pick same class twice but not same class as main just reset it once it reach 80 and u get its skill first
  6. any subclass is just for its skill to enhance your stat does not matter u pick same type like all warriors for example before fafurion i made 3 subclasses from archer type ofc not the kamael as u need to be kamael as main, so in theory u can be main class Yul Trickster and made dualclass Yul Phantom Ranger and 2 subclasses are Yul Sagi and Yul Silver Ranger. all subclass skill certification u get is permenant so it do have limit u can not take all of it just choose what u need. there is 1 item to let u change character's race so u want the basic stat from that particular race while c
  7. before update healer class pre-awaken can use items to get subclass skill into mainclass but only on healer subclass not on awaken class skills https://l2wiki.com/Skill_Transfer now with fafurion all not possible like Dawe said as all old skills now been deleted but for awaken class skill I think it never done before who knows in the future
  8. Dear Producer, I would like to express my gratitude concerning your reply here, I do believe things not easy to fix and hoping before next week maintenance you will be able to get a fix patch from dev. Many Thanks
  9. make 100 chars macro on pavel ruins check that spot, full of chars 24/7
  10. think it bugged out when they change the last quest chain's reward from ruby/sapphire lvl.1 to 30-day version lvl.3 I have a few chars still on its chain quest never bother to finish it as I like to play on classic for now
  11. at least it did not bugged exalted quest is it mostly ppl do it to farm gemstone powders
  12. make it with 2 wings their cloak so fugly
  13. looks like teh team read forum as well if not that message will stay for a while alas bring back fioti
  14. does it work if we make dualclass tank and reset it after we done the 1st part of the quest?
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