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  1. Events

    maybe we can get this event on the next roll https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/661059/
  2. not the best reference but can try https://l2wiki.com/classic/Scroll:_Enchant_Weapon_(D-grade) https://l2wiki.com/classic/Scroll:_Enchant_Armor_(D-grade)
  3. Keep my box spoiler?

    I heard at higher lvls, 55+ spoil will be better at least that if you have full AoE party to play with. if solo just not rewarding
  4. yes expecting another angel cat buff

    server is down
  6. Bot system is pitiful

    so the char got banned is new char or not
  7. Bot system is pitiful

    usually on the newly created char. I read a few people here complaining the same thing. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12098-due-to-suspicious-activity-this-account-has-been-locked-please-contact-support-at-appealncsoftcom/
  8. Prelude to War

    well I read back about skill changes for ISS. if truly all ISS at 103 will get the same harmony lvl2 then I do not need to change my current ISS on red libra. really cant confirm this till we get our patch note.
  9. Spell Book Suggestion

    well put it as QoL
  10. Bot system is pitiful

    when u trade the weapon i think they treat it like rmt but if some high lvl buy adena dont think they got flag
  11. Option to disable PvP

    http://lineage2.plaync.com/board/update/view?articleId=638638 [Combat mode]1. New basic action combat mode has been added. - Whenever you use '/ combat mode' command in action icon or chat window, combat mode turns on / off and character name and icon are added to the status window. 2. When combat mode is ONAttack and skill are applied as '/ force attack', '/ force force' without pressing key. using google translator not sure this will fix the problem
  12. yea usually will take longer, 9hrs estimated.
  13. which server lol
  14. server data migration
  15. Leveling from 20 and so on

    think what he meant by using cm (cursed mainguche) or top D grade dagger is that weapon have bleed effect and it work on raid boss. even you do low damage (regardless of class) the bleed will take into account how much you do the damage and how much xp you will get in total corresponding to your total damage output on the boss. more damage you make, more xp you get. so if you can not afford that particular weapon just go with whatever you have to get xp with raid parties or your clan. for adena of course I can not suggest you to buy from rmt but you can buy from l2store and sell anything you can to other players. for example we have pendant event last month and many can make adena legally by selling those said pendants. for casual it really hardcore to play, for me I just take it slowly without rushing for anything.