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  1. Yuls under 110 are gimps. 110: +10% dmg, new rune skill, Minds Eye with skill crit dmg. That's huge difference. We have maybe 100 (or even less) bowmans reached this level at Naia. Please do not say that they are mid tier. Mid tier is 107-109 levels. And these bowmans versus the same level mages does't look competitive.
  2. All illegals have this. It must be enable/disable option by last hit, not by turn.
  3. LoL, let they play what they did.
  4. Previous event I got banned by ncwest security system and wasted dragon event time till unban. When I asked support about at least free jewelry for banned toons (cuz all have got that) thay said, "we do not provide for free..". What?.. It didn't change anything in my life (‐+-5% in damage, few days in month..). But do you really still expect something?
  5. Laughing... Most of people even don't know how to play their characters. My mage cover the territory as your regular "boosted" yul, my yul can cover even more, but can't handle it because of gear (I will not support greedy NC till they change rates/policies, and don't wanna boost only one character). You can meet my chars jumping around snare/fallen arrow and you will never think that they're afk. But... it's pure macro. I can teach you all and it will be your the best investment =))
  6. Yes, it is.. because of D bow. Don't you think that it's dw issue? I do not count another passives, but difference in p.atk of dragon bow lvl 1 and r110 +12 is 90%, difference between the mage weapons in m.atk is like 10-20%... But yeah, I think it's ok if they will will add 10% to mages and remove 10% of skill crit rates from yuls.
  7. That will be an imbalance, imho. I meant reducing the number of old buffs, because we don't buff only one sonata or melody, but we could do so. It release slots for upcoming new skills. upd. Ofc, domi could get a new (old) skills, such as clan invincibility.
  8. Skills 1. Rebuild attak skill quantity. We have too much skills from items and all toolbars are full of them. But for farm we use only 5, for pvp we use maybe 5 from skill tree, others are from items. These "others" are mostly deffensive/support type. Good example is is iss, or healer how it should be. "Bad" example is mages, where 2 nucks: one reduce elemnt, second just hit. But there is also skill which one reduce mdef. Why don't you make only one skill? Tbh, I don't use these nuke at all because of efficiency. Skill where dmg. turn in hp is useless with life servers build: it's slow fo
  9. Blah blah.. Not first nor last post.. Don't you realise that they don't care. All you saying now I said 2 years ago, and nothing changes since then. Oldies quit, newbies come, waste some money, becoming oldies and then quit.. and so on.. Don't know how other servers, but, at #ncwest, we have zero retention. PS. My point is I will not throw money here until they change own politics. 99% of treir player base are playing now at privates. Launch 10-20 servers, rebuild economy to micro transactions and everyone win. UPD. "Micro" does not mean pay for everything,
  10. @mixa and ppl like you stop complaining about how strong archer is. You compare extremely expensive top tier archers with all other classes. That's wrong point. With the same boost, hands and right builds, archer is killable by any other dd class. It's totally how it must be that archer can hit with arrows many targets on distance. And that distance was already nerfed from 900 to 600. PS. Mid-tier archer hunt not on lvl-to-lvl monsters, but monsters with 3-4 lvls lower. Other (mele/mages) hunt white and yellow. And I think that's ok and we have balance in mid tier
  11. C'mon, there are all about gear. Mages have good dps and less expensive than other dd in aoe-pve. Just boost up your attribute. My mage have less gear than my archer(I don't share) and it's able to farm storm isle and iop on 107 even without cloack(they are expensive with no point) and low-enchanted krishna. An archer with the same level and more boost is unable to farm these locations effectively. It require +$2-3k more to do the same as mage. From video: 1. 106 archer is unable stay in there alone.. 2. wrong attribute weapon, high level mobs/weak skill power.
  12. Forget that. Sooner or later you'll see here many dragon weapons lvl 1.
  13. Archers AOE, solo DD - total target control. If you like archers, take and play.
  14. Forget about spoil, it so long. But You can get it from Venusta's box.
  15. Thank gods, we have russian wiki. Can anyone answer what #ncwest did for his players? Maybe I missed something.
  16. It is not hard to do, but they do not want it. My solution could be like that: Ad bot initiate dialog with user. User use "Block adena sale ads" (logs/time stamp will store). 10 blocks from different users: automatic disconnect and ban. It's impossible to abuse this. Because without dialog initiation users are not able to use the block.
  17. Ultra expensive thing. There is no point to use them due to large required amount. My advice is don't buy loot boxes with this.
  18. If you really think one macro is enough.. https://youtu.be/KY7_l3b5vq8
  19. Open map and avoid them. Or hunt them.. That's funny.
  20. I did not run l2 for the last month. Castilla/IT/islands ... It's absolutely not interesting to do with base exp rates. Can they bring back any quest in this game? I wanna get some quests for the actual items like dimensional before. Short quests for the random brooch jewels lvl 3 would be good.. I am really disappointed with the current game design and development: no motivation for players, just l2 store.
  21. I am sure that libra will come with the new update. So stop cry about
  22. There are no doubts.
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