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  1. Staying in 7p. party in FOS I get less exp. than in solo-duo-trio Beleth's Circle.
  2. lmao. what is x1, x100? just keep decent gap, keep the balance
  3. I can hold one keyboard button and it won't crash my client. Don't worry about server.
  4. Yeah... $2.5 k for start... Welcome and enjoy...
  5. topic starter is qqing about afk farm that's all. ps. I want Ph. Arrow with knockdown effect. Why not? Were is balance??? lmao
  6. Ok, nubs... (I am the one of you, so ...) 1. Take bloody rune or 30days pack depends on coins you have. It will be hunting impact. 2. Take vital rune. 3. Take 30days pack or bloody rune depends on first option. 4. Make talisman, but that one is not tradable and you can not share it within account. 5. Anakim app farm on secondary toons. GL. HF. ps. 30 days can not be shared whitin account.
  7. Abusers do what they are forced to do or what is allowed to do? If forced: why staff doing this? If allowed: why allowed? Both are management problems.
  8. So what? =) I am the only one war for whole Stronghold clan.
  9. @Ambicija you do not count that you have using high-tier equipment for level gain. You do not count that not everyone wants play Spellhowler like you. And you do not count double exp time while you was getting 110.. And many factors. I think It's absurd spent thousands to be able reach 110. So sad that I did't realized it earlier. To other guys, In Naia trade discord I saw the list of gear that can make exp very fast. Mb, in 2-3 monts, depends of consumables. But you need also +20 r110 or dragon bow for that..
  10. Tyrrs are unplayable, yeah: https://youtu.be/grDNd6ZxKlc
  11. Armour, weapons, enchants with high(important) rate. Many of them will be crystallize, although we need crystals too.
  12. I have never played for Tyr Tyr, because I do not see in it an advantage over others. Perhaps , I'm wrong, but you'd better try Eviscerator.
  13. For a long time you have been giving EoD as a reward. But now it is practically not used. What do we do now with this garbage? You added it to the grosery store, but it's only used when crafting new augmentation stones. Plan A: Add more craft/syntes/alchemy items with that ingredient. Plan B: Exchange this to Giant Energy (as most useful item atm). Or Plan NC: Skip this up. PS. Make Ether tradeble. Do not apply patch with soul stones, spirit ore unable to trade. Points: 1) It was always material for event painting. 2) It's very comf
  14. I would pay for that. The most of dragon/r110 weapon looks out of the game setting.
  15. Bring old charms back(even in store) or remove them all. It's a big imbalance for the new players. (I speaks as player who has them at all my toons.)
  16. Trax says we are adults we should pay. Pay for what? For almost 20 years old game? They remove everything. They should pay to me that I am still playing here and writing my posts. What they brought for the midle tier, which buy all items from top, for the last 5 years? Nothing, but many cool things were taken away. I would fire all the producers and game designers. How many times will you raise levels in new locations? You do not understand that the majority of players do not see new content update by update. Players level up, and then a new patch comes out, and they stay in the old
  17. This lost own lore. Grinding is all you give. Gatcha is almost one item provider.
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