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  1. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 3, 2020

    @Juji @Hime I know is a random request but could you release the cat Image of the store promo as a wallpaper I would really have that wallpaper on one of my screens
  2. WTT Diamond 5 to Emerald 5

    Hey, WTT Diamond 5 to Emerald 5 // Emerald 5 + Diamond 5 to Greater Emerald Also if someone can tell me the value in Adena will think about other offers... A lot of ppl say 50b COD me and I was like WUT when I got my Diamons 5 each were arround 95-100b now with how game is think its at least the same or maybe more IDK. I'll leave here to see if someone can point a fair value or maybe get the trade I want XD. In game offer Mail to Kupofried Good Luck and Bye.
  3. Gz on the ring I really like to see your videos. Only open 150 box in my case cos didn't wanted to risk more and got: 1x lv5 jewel box 2x Des Wep 1x splendor book (LoL I think this will gather dust till the end of times ) and 146x assorted random wonders The only thing that will get on this sale is will try to get rune to get the meh 110 skill just to keep the main char and get the easy lv3 seed cos 100% evolve rate =3
  4. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    @Juji Any news on the issues on the current event??? like boxes don't dropping on some places mentioned on the anniversary page, Like Sel-Mahum or it's going to be ignored the issue. Also what can we do with the extra 16th anniversary Coins we have a lot more that can be used on the system... a lot more
  5. BTW if the success rates are the same of other regions we have this 1 > 2 50% 2 > 3 50% 3 > 4 50% 4 > 5 45% 5 > 6 40% 6 > 7 35% 7 > 8 30% 8 > 9 15% 9 > 10 10%
  6. Lv 115 I play evis and the mobs go down In 2-3s I know for some other classes should be harder but for maestros and evis with the new 30% hp hit proc is easy.
  7. Hey since I got totally ignored on my other posts and GMs just love to ignore us. May I have my hero coins back? My issue and why I'm doing this post is cos I made my purchase of the Anakim transform sealbook about a year ago with hero coins, usually to ask for a refund the GMs ask you to have recently purchased the item and mine were not. That's why I'm asking here if would it be feasible to ask for a refund with a so old item. I kept my hopes every patch for a year till now that maybe the npc was gonna be back/fixed but nope and neither GMs answered or the npc was fixed on the patch. The funny thing is that yesterday 04/22 that the patch notes said that the system was gonna be removed. So what happened the last year IDK maybe Devs hate old players. So @Juji @Hime or anyone would it be posible to get the refund or I'm screw to hold my hopes on an item for almost a year.
  8. Just now realize that they are not dropping on sel mahum I play at Fields of Massacre and I can confirm that I get 20 - 30 per day, already got 2 pcs of r110 armor
  9. May I have my Hero coins back???

    I have all my chars with tiger and the silver cat, but later when I got the hero coins for the anakim the npc was already bugged by June 2019... well gg wp /ff BTW cos I know that ppl love to troll every time I see a QQ post like mine I remember the meme of the whinebulance I lost the image but if someone has it would be fun to see it again. =3
  10. The drop of the chest should be the same as aden ones, so 0.1% - 0,5% rate I get 20 to 30 per day
  11. May I have my Hero coins back???

    When I purchased it with hero coins the npc was already bugged, and every time I asked they still ignore me. TY for the understanding, it's true I only wanted to learn it, but while I kept hope for almost a year that the npc were gonna be fixed cos in the last 3 patch note were not pointed the removal of the system, a year later they just added on notes the removal. so what most hurt me is the silence, if I read on a note that the system is going to be removed well gg wp move on... no a year later after a year of bugged or missing npc.
  12. @Juji really thanks for the code it's quite nice. Still I feel ignored on all my other posts when I asked you about the transformation sealbooks, but well the pack still is very nice.
  13. XP RUNE 200%

    You can ask support to re box it, it will use a token of the 2 you have every 6 month for this mistake... just send a ticket
  14. I'm asking for an answer from June 2019 in different places and still none, My biggest point is the silence feel like a stab in the back... 5-6 years I asked for other non intended changes and @juji came like a hero and in less than 48hrs he made a reasonable answer and nice everyone move on. We saw him doing superman patrols to ban ppl on the server, Live GM on a server for more than just a couple of buff and out (those times were fun). Once my char got bugged with a skill and bam in a week I was playing and again @juji came to the rescue summoned me to the track and manually put the skill back IDK how but wow it was like voodoo magic. Now I have more than a year and none, zero, totally ignored... and cos my books were bought more than a year with here coins IDK if they are still refundable.
  15. @Juji right now I feel kind of disappointed, I asked almost every patch what was going ti happen to the transform sealbooks even bought some anakim on its time by hero coin those weren't cheap but 1st you removed the quest on the patch before it was supposed to be removed, now you said on this patch notes that avante garde npc is going to be removed while its gone for many months and I sent tickets asking were the npc is. AND NOW on THIS patchnotes is removed. I have 4 characters who had the quest more than meet the eyes done and you took me the avant NPC before time, and now the Hero coins and adena used for my colection of transforms is wasted... The thing that hurts me more is being ignored and now reading the note saying that the transforms sealbooks are being removed and we are not being compensated for this extreme rare items.
  16. @Juji I'm also experiencing Pulls from the server IDK if the Xmas settings in decoration have something to do, but sometimes I get spikes of 3s from the server while performing some actions. I ping the server and getting really high pings but no package loss. Anyway hope the server gets better by next restart and maybe SantaJuji give us a small latency gift I know that GMs buffs are awesome but not always are all ppl connected when is given, So maybe if the BabyGM love us we can get some Birthday pots or some Cakes or vita pots to enjoy de holydays season instead of Lag… mean Coal lumps as compensation on the foot of the Xmas tree. #XmasGiftCompensationPackage =3
  17. ooops

    on the AP window is a button that says reset. just click it
  18. Drop rate? What does this mean?

    If I remember correctly, in the old forums was stated by juji that l2 works on damage contribution. So basically only if the player who made most dmg on the enemy has a drop rune the bonus drop rate will trigger and you also need to remember the diminishing factor applied by level difference when you are over the level of the monster. In short terms if you solo hunt and you have a drop rune and as el1te said if the ewr has a 5% drop it will go up to 10% if you have a 100% drop rate rune. But in parties the thing gets more tricky cos the owner of the rune need to have the most dmg contributed to the mob life to apply the rune bonus.
  19. +12 Armor Sets: Why the Big Deal?

    there is really no set bonus benefit by +11 or more... there was a rumor that maybe on the future there will but for now only individual bonuses are the only affected by OE lv also unless there is a significant decrease on price of protection crystals exchange of +7 or more r99 equipment is expensive as fk so thinking that a +11 r99 set is a good idea to get an r110 set +10 still no so good. I really dream to get my bloody r99 +13 to r110 but its not worth… I got a r110 +10 set and its a little better on stats than the +13 r99 so meh on spending 38XX crystal of protection that are almost 114b to just get a slight increase of stats on the character. (also to make it bloody you need another 20-30b extra so almost 200b to get a +12 r110 ntyvm.)
  20. I'm also curious about this, I'm asking about this almost since fafurion 1st implementation… there still ppl wanting to learn about transfomations but GMs don't answer if it is even being looked or the removal was intended by devs. I want to have all my colection of trans learned.
  21. LF 2nd Opinion on Augment...

    Just got 22 super stones and while augmenting my r110 bow got as augment +15% P.Skill dmg. I know it's kind of a rare augment but IDK if it's a good augment or not, everyone wants 20% P.Skill crit dmg but idk what's best . So is it worth the +15% P.Skill dmg or keep my goal at the 20% P.Skill crit dmg??? Thanks all and hope to get your thinking on the new augment stones.
  22. LF 2nd Opinion on Augment...

    TY with your answer and reply with the link to the stream video... so maybe got luck with the stones. for now will keep the augment idk what the future has
  23. LF 2nd Opinion on Augment...

    TY do you have a link te were I can see him =3
  24. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    @Hime Hi, why the July store update will removed by this maintenance if in game store and the news topic on main web page says till 7th of August.Also no one knows how now you are supposed to learn transform sealbooks if the npc in Ivory tower does not let you learn the skill if you don't have the quest: more than meet the eyes that were removed on fafurion update but you can still acquire transform sealbooks like Anakim for 200 hero coins but you can't learn the skill. I tried to ask you and Juji on forums if this is intended or if the npc is broken but no answer and support tickets only said that they will investigate the situation but but never give a reply if it's ok or not. Hope that transform sealbooks can still be learned in some way. Have a nice day.
  25. Hi, Just made a Ferios +10 for my healer but when I was thinking what would be best got blank. Can someone point what would be an awesome augment for a +10 Ferios cloak? Dont know what is best for tank, healer or even if other class use it? this last one is also good cos if in the future want to sell it to whom and what is the most desired augment in this cloaks... TY and hope I can learn something new =3