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  1. lvl your char to 40 and you can get a spellbook chest upon class transfer open the spellbook chest, you can get 1 spellbook, including dw
  2. When you see the word "Classic", you should know it is something that was beautiful sometime ago. And now it is out again for money purpose.
  3. Any1 has an idea about the drop/spoil rate? I would say spoil is now a joke. Spoil rate for BSSC recipe is less than 0.2%
  4. So you can see, what we want is the EVENTs Make life enjoyable
  5. Giran Grocery store plz. 150/ea Beast SpiritShot. I just tried and bought one. No issue on delivery
  6. Maybe try Giran grocery store
  7. You login you playNC account. In My Account at right upper corner, choose Apply a Code Then you can see Scroll: Summon Storm Bundle in the Unused Serial Codes session Click apply and I think next you need to choose server and char to receive it.
  8. You see the Adena seller in Giran? Why they are still alive?
  9. After yesterday's patch, you can directly do 2nd class transfer by 1 click and the spellbook chest and 10 100,000 sp scroll will appear in your inventory.
  10. That might be resolved already: the 2nd class transfer gives every char 1kk sp and 1 spellbook chest
  11. You started in Korean Server? I started in March 2014 on NA Server, prelude That time there is no something named as blessed sps
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