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  1. Using Battleping and 3 clients without problems.
  2. Thanks for the cow agathion. I laughed at that one. "Stupid cows".
  3. What about Heavenly Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade)? It's not on the list. Are you removing that too?
  4. NCSoft seem to have no clue what the L2 players want. Is NCSoft filled with a bunch of gambling addicts only? We don't want more gambling and lotteries, we want less. This crap is a passive lottery. Not an event at all.
  5. Are you going to reset the item count on the hero coin rewards soon? I'm a titan and I need another mystic soul crystal for my 2nd weapon.
  6. The fact is that most major clans desperately need level 12 to get back the clan members that got booted with the update. After the initial crp boost from "Achievement" clan quests you are stuck with 20 "General" clan quests per week. After you reach the 20 limit you are blocked from doing general clan quests until next maintenance. This is a cap that NCwest put on our servers; about 3000 crp (20x150) per clan member per week. For clan level 12 you 19 million crp. That means that 100 clan members need to contribute 3000 crp each per week for 63 weeks straight. Well, that's just
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