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  1. Maybe it's a desperate attempt to save the game.
  2. https://l2wiki.com/Helios#Fallen Emperor's Throne
  3. The server bonus on week its ok: HELIOS: Total exp - boost exp = Base exp 7.348.670.588.226 - 6.243.607.341.876 = helios gives normaly: 552.531.623.175, so +200% bonus ; 552.531.623.175 x 2 = WEEKEND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPbuxYjq8K8
  4. Macro loop deletion

    I can't criticize the macros, I used them to raise the factions of elven and hellbound. But I find it counterproductive not to play, not to participate 100% of your character development . For example: Many know that I play alone, I do farm and instances without macro. But most of the time when friends invite me to participate in 2 or 3 cakes at a party (Elven), it bothers me that some players stay afk, some people takes several minutes to respond to the resurrection ... This is the negative point I find about macros. Disable macros will bring consequences, less connections (less boxes ofc), this will precipitate a naia/chronos merge, and this can be the first step of lineage ending, or maybe not xD. Massive players leaving the game... i dont think so.
  5. And if you say "yes", no one will spend xD...
  6. Good for them, but ... we do not know if in the fafurion damn update we'll can get passive books through farming. maybe yes... so you will can get decent passive skills with the years.
  7. there will be a lot chapter-1 books
  8. Elven Farm Solo

  9. Sorry for delay. https://youtu.be/7nE4PHXd2oQ
  10. Fortune Reading Game 2019 returns on 1/16

    For me, i gambled 304 cards, the result of this was just ok, nothing more. I got good stuff like high/mid grade agathions, mystic soul crystals, dragon enchant scrolls, a longin, several red star bottles. But the most called my attention was the an exaggerated amount of unsellable Crap that i got also, i mean, what's the point of saturate the server with useless soul crystals or lilith talismans for example?, my warehouse is collapsed, ty for that -_-. Can be ok for a free event like oriana's lucky, but not in a p2w. I was thinking spend my adena on this, but now i prefer keep it.
  11. P. Critical Users

    No. 1st Iss main Hieropant dual whatever. 2nd Iss bladancer dual Doomcryer. Ofc doomcryer will lose his drums if u switch to hierophant. Would be possible a char with main/dual hierophant/doomcryer, but u can imagine how u must to switch for every 4 mins for cast pom/drums.
  12. P. Critical Users

    Considering warrior lvl 2 longs 30 mins, pom only 5 mins By the way, i can say in some circunstances crier's harmony works better for me.