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  1. The items from l2 store and game will deleted after maintenance?
  2. @Juji @Hime please; You said that the scrolls blessed to modify appearance will delete from the l2 store, my question is: In the future, how can I change the appearance of my weapon by placing a top s80 grade weapon appearance without destroying it?
  3. Well, I guess after january 15 maintenance, we will get severus latency-lag troubles, adding a big nerf... so we need to stay mentally prepared!!!!
  4. Greater Jewels Lv1~5

    yes, does https://i.imgur.com/q46ArK1.png
  5. Greater Jewels Lv1~5

    Here u have all info about new greater jewels improving: https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Brooches#
  6. if NCwest wanted to, i would have already closed it.
  7. Thats doesnt mean those rewards are better...
  8. WTB Greater Emerald

    WTB 160B, "pm me on game
  9. Adena from Prestige Rune

    The % drop/adena acquisition rate is a shared average on party, if u have prestige rune; farming alone are 300% more adena, if u play on duo party without second prestige rune, the average are 150% in total adena acquisition (300% + 0%)/2, its easy. So if u have more party members u will need more prestige & drop runes, or will lowing down over and over. (300+0+0+0)/4
  10. 3 account limit after this maintenance?
  11. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Try disabling the ranking system for a while.
  12. Ork Dominator

    yes u can