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  1. Adena from Prestige Rune

    The % drop/adena acquisition rate is a shared average on party, if u have prestige rune; farming alone are 300% more adena, if u play on duo party without second prestige rune, the average are 150% in total adena acquisition (300% + 0%)/2, its easy. So if u have more party members u will need more prestige & drop runes, or will lowing down over and over. (300+0+0+0)/4
  2. 3 account limit after this maintenance?
  3. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Try disabling the ranking system for a while.
  4. Ork Dominator

    yes u can
  5. Known Issue: Server Latency

    I think the issue affects both, and that it already existed before.
  6. Known Issue: Server Latency

    Check the melee attack latency; the system always waits the soulshot loads the weapon before for release the next hit, over and over. I feel this problem is still about soulshot issue.
  7. Known Issue: Server Latency

    If the ranking system causes multiple latency, it would be more logical to see it at the time of the mob's death, when the experience record occurs?, actually we see during the hit after hit. By the way, en Korea or European servers has ranking system also? what happened there? Guys, this has been seen before, do you remember the latency of the soulshot?. Well, when this was resolved (previous to fafurion), I began to see this current latency very rarely.
  8. MAX vs DH

    a few weeks after, this guy found no fun...
  9. This happened on Korea or Europe servers?, may yes and they can help.
  10. Sometimes I hit like a 60rpm spin, 1 hit per second.
  11. Hero shout solution

    Insults and disqualifying each other, are a healthy competition, yes ahahahaa
  12. at first it seems that he only cries, but deep down he's very right in what he says, and he sees the game from an intelligent perspective, maybe you understand his points that he exposes differently. For me, I don't understand why he keeps playing L2, or which is what ties him to keep playing.
  13. Drear Hime; Patch notes says " The Adena drop quantity of certain Hunting Zones was adjusted ", one of those zones are atelia fortress, but not only adena drop quantity was adjusted, all whole drop was it. Is there somehing for fix?. i hope on materials drop rate on game, or at least patch note must contains a reliable information.