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  1. When did Tyrs get boosted?

    107 main Iss hierophant / 110 dual tyrr titan here, I deal a similar 1 by 1 PvE dagame when I play on Hierophant with +16 r99 bloody dual sword +4% pve dmg augment, no forgotten skills learned, +15 CON/CHA, than my titan with +18 R99 bloody Slasher 15% Crit dmg augment, maximum forgotten power learned and +15 STR/CHA. It's very sad see a DD without any boost itself, his damage is based only and exclusively by his gear on PvE.
  2. spot taken

    I personally put "spot taken" on my ISS when I leave the place for a few hours, but nobody respects that, but this is fine, I start looking for a new one. No DD, dead DD = free spot. The real problem, I think, is that some people come to an active spot, it doesn't matter if there are people who is farming, pretending to perpetuate themselves there. In Naia a clan does that, stealing mobs.
  3. Imperial Tomb

    I think lv.105 is very low and hard for doing I.T., there is a kinda damage boost after lv.107, ideal would be to take players lv.110 as well.
  4. no war no castle

    this is liberties restricting.
  5. Launcher Error

    I have recently installed windows 10 and i cant start the "L2 Launcher". Someone know some about this?. https://i.imgur.com/7jpJ8dY.png
  6. If you release the PK changes next wednesday, what guarantee we have if someone lose items for PK exploit? NCwest will support us, or we just will lose items?
  7. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    Definitely not, but I dont have super advanced weapon augments, i still playing with bloody r99 weapons, in item passive skills list, I only see my augments from my circlet and cloak... and damn it, my circlet has two atributes on his augment; PvE damage +5% and paralisis resistant +5%, but I only see the PvE one, wtf? x_o.
  8. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    I dont think its the idea to have to come up with this kind of trickeries.
  9. Tyr Maestro Cheat - Abusing Game

    In PvE really not, tyrr titan was completely nerfed on PvE, if u have a diferent feelling, that responses to a change on enviroment (hunting/mob spots). In PvP i cant say it, because i need to know the place that titan has in all classes scenario, and I dont pvp anymore. L2 in an unbalanced game.
  10. The Bigest Fail on augment weapon

    Hey people, check it out and think if you really want that augment for now, the last time I made a weapon with + 15% critical damage, I did't see any significant improvement, this caught my attention and reviewing the list of passive abilities, I realized that they doesn't appear in that list; the attributes of augments on weapons. Most likely those augments are not working or only half. Ahhh, by the way, on all the weapons that I made 15% critical damage augment, I had spent 15 -120 stones.
  11. Stop nerfing this game.
  12. I mean, what you could expect a contest only exclusively for perhaps 10% of the universe of players?, a very little diversity ... art by adena, it is something that I remember seeing since 2004, for example. by the way, the mimi's screeshot i really love it.
  13. It was a discriminatory contest, only for USA and Canada residents, what did you expect?
  14. Lineage 2 remastered

    I hope a client with a new game engine, with an UI nice for 4k screen...