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  1. Ok, now seems we dont have the lag that we experimented the last week, but now I do 1 hit per second, seriusly, considering this will not have any solution, I prefer the previous condition.. so bring the lag back!!! please .
  2. I entered with my second dread 105 to coal mines, then with stones, i could stay some hours more and get more than 105 xd... also i made faster exalted quest.
  3. A Merged Clans questions

    It is a bad idea to restrict freedoms, there are people who choose to play alone in their own clans. If you want this game to have PvP experience, interesting sieges, etc. other changes have to be made by Ncsoft, that really encourage and raise interest in the PvP.
  4. Well, the truth is the Tyrr stopped being the beast it used to be, the most damaging was; the disappearance of the SoS buff, although by then the Wynn were already superior in damage. I speak in PvE, since I only had the PvP experience as ISS, and left it due to the great imbalance that still exists. I have no idea about the Tyrr in PvP and i dont have any interest, but I imagine that no opportunity should have against the Yul, as it is in PvE, thinking you're not better equipped. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFRqTQ6-MYQ) I didint change Yul in this last Redlibra, because I have always been melee, and the main reason, it is assumed that in the future, the tyrrs will be given an improvement.
  5. Chaos Essence (dual class) is not working, NPC Hardin doesnt reconigze the chaos Essence.
  6. The items from l2 store and game will deleted after maintenance?
  7. @Juji @Hime please; You said that the scrolls blessed to modify appearance will delete from the l2 store, my question is: In the future, how can I change the appearance of my weapon by placing a top s80 grade weapon appearance without destroying it?
  8. Well, I guess after january 15 maintenance, we will get severus latency-lag troubles, adding a big nerf... so we need to stay mentally prepared!!!!
  9. Greater Jewels Lv1~5

    yes, does https://i.imgur.com/q46ArK1.png
  10. Greater Jewels Lv1~5

    Here u have all info about new greater jewels improving: https://l2wiki.com/La_Vie_En_Rose's_Brooches#
  11. if NCwest wanted to, i would have already closed it.
  12. Thats doesnt mean those rewards are better...
  13. WTB Greater Emerald

    WTB 160B, "pm me on game