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  1. Jin as Ginny I think LOL in japanese jin means people. so The people of Kamael. Most of us think it as a chicken really.
  2. One of good class in that version from what I read on their forum, honestly I only play Live version there not Essence. The Essence already have Death Knight in almost 2 years in Europe if I'm not mistaken now then on Live Korea they bring Death Knight to Live version that is some funny fact I think. So I would assume, Sylph also will be making its way to Live version as well.
  3. Official for Europe region. It is subset from Classic version we have over here with more PVP-oriented. Live will get new class soon called Death Knight.
  4. It is on Essence server in Europe, you can try it there. New race called Sylph with a gun as weapon. Not sure if it will be coming soon on Live (Awakening) version.
  5. They also can get from quest or mission in-game but not much if those implemented here but we know that would not ever happened. Same with Brooch Jewel box level 1 too and others I could not recall all.
  6. Clan Arena also drop it chances are 1 box with Blood Crystal or the Sealed Rune. It is intended or not?
  7. If classic is dead we gonna have Essence, don't you guys wanna play a midget class with guns?
  8. Here I thought the old ones way before the zodiac agathions... LOL
  9. If we take a look at other region it would be a revamp with L2store, yeah I think we need to buy those coins with real money like ncoins.
  10. Yeah it is the same with our new runes system, basically same as Live. Other than that I would say Tower of Insolence, Classic got it first then on Live now it got updated. Kinda lame if you think it that way.
  11. Maybe an Essence server after Classic's server merged then they will be closing down Classic. Time will tell.
  12. I do not think it will come over here BUT if it does, it will be on next update which is before Christmas this year I presume.
  13. Drops from mob, I see some in Cruma Tower floor 3. If you go there and pick up what other people left it.
  14. Fish stew was removed a while back, now there is no reason to fish anymore.
  15. Box from Clan Arena still yield Sealed Runes. Please remove this.
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