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  1. PK for Spot

    Sorry was wading through the shit that is this thread. The ONLY time you died and didn't drop things was you being white being PK'd. Just like you stated earlier. I just didn't want to scroll that far up to see the "special" people write things.
  2. PK for Spot

    While this account is freshish, I can tell you that you are indeed 100% wrong. If you died to mobs you dropped gear. If you died to a player you dropped gear. In fact, I used to go around on a level 13-15 dwarf and stun lock people with a blunt and watch them die to mobs and pick up their gear. 100% bleep move, also netted me almost 1 million adena in a very short amount of time. This was also the time when you had to trade all the crafting stuff to a dwarf for them to craft it for you and hope they handed it back. The amount of dark elves outside talking island PKing people was insane. P.S. Ask Draecke for confirmation. I'm pretty sure he still has the email from his acceptance into closed Beta.
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    I love how people say. "The solution is simple". Do you thick skulled, knuckle draggers really think it's that easy? We're talking about NCSoft here. A company that competed in the Special Olympics and didn't make it out of the parking lot because they were too dysfunctional and attempted to mix their fecal matter with their own drool in the car. A company that thinks having customer IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!! They literally don't want people to create new accounts. I know that 99.9% of the new accounts are bots/rmt/mentee's but maybe that .1% is coming to try a new game, and guess what, they can bleep right off because you can't create and account. I'm seriously surprised at the amount of shit that the population of this server puts up with. Maybe BDSM is your thing.
  4. Ranking system extension

    No, there is no reason. 2 of the 3 of those stats can be faked super easy. Would take me less than 24 hours to take 1st in both the last 2.
  5. GM's

    No this is 100% not possible. GM's don't investigate shit.
  6. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 15, 2020

    And....... I'm out. Almost 1 year and this is the only shit we get week after week. Incompetence. P.S. Core doesn't have lag. P.P.S. RU doesn't have lag. P.P.P.S. Korea doesn't have lag. I can continue with Twain, China, etc.... Hell even java illegal servers in manchilds parents basements on a old bitcoin mining machine run better than your crap. Professional gaming company my ass. Edit to fix the word "shit" I miss spelled.
  7. Isle of Souls BREAKING all Market !!!

    8-12B a day? That's laughable actually. I know people who do 20+ a day. All you have to do is make 4 archers and trade gear. Each archer makes at least 1B an hour. Feoh cannot do what archer there does. Archer easily does 1b, feoh with TOP gear can do 750-900m an hour, which still is a lot. Don't worry, balance is coming. Tyrr next update gets a big boost, just not big enough to cover the damage that has already been done.
  8. to prevent servers sinking

    Hell with it, let the servers go down in a blaze of glory. Too far gone now to fix anything.
  9. Launcher problem

    That's because NCSoft servers suck. Your ISP is fine, just find a new server to play on.
  10. new patch date?

    Welp, seeing as how NCSoft team is quarantined and "works" from home, hopefully harder than they worked from work we should see the new update no later than 2022 if we're lucky.
  11. Physical Skill Critical Damage: Which Items Have It?

    https://l2wiki.com/Main_Page This is an EU website maintained by GMs and Devs who actually give a shit about their community, unlike the ones here. Use this.
  12. Crit skill

    No, critical rate effects only normal hits.

    I have honestly not laughed harder in my entire life. "in times of global trouble and lack of money........" you decided to spend you money on a game rather than buy food/clothing/toilet paper/rent. NCSoft isn't the stupid one here. Sheep, every single last one of you are sheep.
  14. The best practices

    Anyone try to open one yet?
  15. Nope, since everything else at Ncsoft is bleeped up why not the date and community managers too? I can't remember a time when a post by CM actually were 100% correct.