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2 hours ago, Metix said:

Other summoners are common?

Elemental master is most common summoner, Warlock not so rare too. So Phantom summoner is most rare from solo classes but have some benefits like passive vampiric on shadow and cubics phantom for shackle/hex/weaknes, spark cubic for stun(dunno about land chance).

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16 minutes ago, Metix said:

What is more rare? Dark elf summoner of sws?

D.elf summoner is rarest, but if u plan to play with pt at some point than go sws. Phantom summoner is solo forever.

Demand for sws and bd are really high, but they are trashy in pvp. As far as i know here every summoner gets nuke that lvl up till lvl 70, so summoners are strong af in pvp. Keep in mind they can craft pet ss.

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3 hours ago, Hatecraft said:

I have a suggestion, and its so rare no one even thought to mention it!




Can solo, albeit slowly since its a tank. The upside is that when you want to group, you will be welcomed.

Absolutelly right. Paladin is so rare recently that i forgot about it.


The only problem with paladin is that it gets its powa at higher lvls and solo grinding it is close to cancer. Is not as good in aoe as tk, but still very good. It becomes extreemely good in loa aoe, because of mass root (if it gets it here)

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50 minutes ago, Metix said:

Paladin Solo without Box works?

Yea u can solo without box, because stun is op. Uses almost no mana and is 7s stun so u just hit rocks all the time. But it's veeeeery slow. That's why i decided to go da when i hit 40. Panther does some nice dmg.

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