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Server crashing, and crashing and crashing...

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Since the maintenance of the Wednesday (20/03) your servers are crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing, sometimes the entire server logout, sometimes just few people, sometimes half of the partys... It was 10 days ago when started to occur (even the log in wasnt working), and there are still problems involving your servers TEN days after.

We all know that u're REALLY bussy banning bots and adena sellers, and making this classic servers much more enjoyable than all the others, but well, we cannot fishing, we cannot have private stores just because the server is crashing and crashing and crashing and crashing, and many of us have paid for this. Use a 5% of the money you made with the pendants in buying new servers and stop making us angry.

THANK YOU In advance for do your job as a competent company!! :)

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5 hours ago, TooTiredofBots said:

I am so happy I am not experiencing any of these issues. Never disconnected since it all began. I am starting to suspect it mostly involves people from outside the US.

I live about two hours from the physical location of the data center housing the servers and I was D/Cing last night too. I couldn't even stay connected long enough to get the log in bonus/attendance.. No one I know personally was able to stay logged in either.. I haven't even bothered to try to log in today.

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forgot to mention I'm playing with only 1 pc boxing 3 toons at the same time. if someone box more I really do not know how it will effect the connection. but I do get spike lags every half an hour when the server do its backup routine.

I do remember last time with Aion (they share the same physical server as L2) got really bad rubber-banding, now never experienced it in L2 or Aion.

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