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Cake Event Giran ? Talking Island Cake Raid Temporarily Disabled

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We get any infos @Juji ? or whats the problem to talk with us in the forum ? your great event not even working and btw whos ideaa is to spawn on 1 location 1 cake for the whole server ? I m no pro but even so i know that this is not working and you cant even give us some infos.

So many people yesterday standing in giran server and waiting and u guys did just nothing.

but im sure the next p2win item in the ingame shop where you told us THERE ARE NO PAYTOWIN ITEMS IN THE SHOP is ready to go for the next month.

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Whole Giran server was unplayable for hours, not only on event area. We killed several cakes, for hours, with no reward….in 30min its going to happen again. Do something slowpokes, at least open a damm post to let us know you are aware of the problem.

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yeah cake is dead since 15 minutes and again nothing, how can a company this pathetik and not even give infos in the forum about that ? i dont get it but the money and p2win for that they are fast. true @Juji i wont forget your words THERE WILL BE NO PAY2WIN ITEMS IN THE SHOP.

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Just now, Killersurf said:

Give us all the xp/sp we deserve for being there all night. And fix it. The only thing you know how to do, is to ban the low budget costumers.

Do we really deserve this? :)

Idea: Lineage 2 classic - feel the grind - go back to good old days and nostalgy.

Few month later: autofarm, free dual sls, no client limit, no bot protection, tickets+scripts for S weapons and epics, free 100m/200m xp twice a day (lv51-->75 in  18day), free +15/10 weapons.

Next step: newbie event - New account can be started from lv76 in top A gear? 


I feel we are as unworthy as the situation. :)

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Just now, dexs said:

we deserve to be treated like normal human beings. not implying lineage 2 players arent normal human beings

We arent normal human beings thats why we play this game with such  bad admistration


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