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L2 Store changes

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@Juji @Hime

You guys need to change/revamp the Lineage 2 Store its been years and 1/2 the items are out of date that are worthless *aka Starter Pack* and others are "Not trade able".  Something needs to be done about both situations.

Packs that are old and no one will purchase need to be removed/revamped to be more useful or clear the clutter from the store its only logical to remove useless code or make it useful.  Less coding that could potentially be a exploit or issue to track down bugs if its not being used.  

Items that are not trade able need to be changed to trade able, there are so many new scammers out there "I want 10 of X you send as gift and then I'll send adena".  These on Chronos last couple weeks have been well known level 110+ toons in Top Level clans and the clan leader refuse to do anything like kick them.  So there is no backlash for scamming people, one such top person convinced someone to send 4x BIG Vit packs at 4k NC Coin each so that 16k NC Coin that was scammed at 2 million adena per thats 32B this TOP WELL KNOWN PLAYER scammed from someone.  Making all things trade able makes it so we can COD them and make sure we get paid.  Something else you can do is add a COD feature in L2 store so like a gift we can COD to that person and once they pay it deducts the NC Coin from our account and we get the adena.  Your system is flawed, since drops/adena is virtually non existant unless your lvl 110+ with Top Gear we have no way of making money in game literally and are forced to "pay" or "buy" coin to sell.  Currently I have 17k NC Coin I can't sell because everyone wants Primevil Isle Stones that aren't trade able.  I refuse to "Gift" them 1st and lose out on money from scammers.

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I was laughing last night at the bsoe for 1 hero coin, no 1 will ever buy that.  Revamp the hero coin too, like augment stones for hair, cloak, circlet, jewels, things we can use.  Hell, even vit maintain pots, buff pots, you get the idea.

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