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Dear players and finally ncsoft

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Hello everyone

This is aimed at all people who still play Lineage II, both for the servers of Chronos and Naia + Freya that will soon be 1 server only.

This is not more than my personal and sincere humble opinion.

If we want the server in which we are, it lasts longer and this time is more profitable for everyone, both for those who like the PVE and the PVP.

Do not monopolize everything !!!, stay with only 1 castle, and leave the rest to the others, to motivate a little the other players, in this way instances of massive PVP between clans are created and they have profitable War.

Let's try to make it last and be profitable, look what Freya's server became, empty in the sieges all the castles belong to a single clan and one to his ally, only 2 or 4 clans have war inside the whole server, the rest they do not do it because they do not have to face and have fun in a PVP, win or lose, but they will have more or less the same amount of opportunity. In addition to what is read of Naia is exactly the same.
What is the use of hoarding everything that exists, each raid, each castle, if afterwards they will be almost alone and will only be with the same as always.

Another example of pvp, if a clan full equipped PVP + 10 and weapons +12 throws war to a clan that has 2 or 3 people with weapon +12 and set +10 not pvp, will not anger, will not accept war because it has no chance . and the other clan will not leave them alone, they will even activate the war in a bad way, and the other group will get tired and some will end up getting up because they can not enjoy a game.

Also, if they see a party killing a boss and they know that you kill them in 15 seconds, leave them to others, they need to equip themselves and produce adena, that way they will be able to fight with those people in PVP and they will have more fun in the game .
Formerly it was raid with my clan (3 years ago) and it was fun, because another clan was trying to take it away, and it was forming pvp, and both clans were on par. Now that does not exist, you are killing a raid with a lot of luck and someone comes to take it away 100% sure, in 15 seconds it kills you and takes the drop and the little exp they give.

Finally, for NCSOFT or NCWest, if you want people to stay and leave more people to their servers, prove it, since no shadow of you, they have literally left the server to their fate..... I give you a thousand thanks for the union of naia and freya, I hope this improves sincerely.

Let's not ruin a good game,

greetings to all and to do well.

Many thanks to google translator: D

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Don't expect anything of the sorts, L2 is based around greed, control of everything you can put your hands on and dramas.

The game is broken and the devs in Korea have no intention of fixing it and why would they, the money many players s spend on this game is stimulus enough to keep the current situation as long as possible. Then bye bye and nobody will care, since the game is very old.

Just enjoy the last year of L2 there, if you can.

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nice speach @Asphalem, but unfortunatelly the same situation you will find in naia, same menthality. players and devs destroy this game together, for the same reason: THE GREEDY! they cant understand it can be more profit for everyone if they keep lower prices on ncstore items, let the drop ingame and also for rmt farmers, let the server to breath. they dont understand/no care if no competition/no wars/no pvp, no average middle gear ppl, game will die. so sadly, a lot of players passionate loves this game, but devs/admins not. so sadly, we want to keep this game alive, but devs/admin only care about fast profit, and they want to make nothing for this ppl who donate a lot of money for ncsoft company. thats why players cash out, and leave the game in mass, thats why no more pvp, and even no more farm. GREEDY & STUPIDITY.

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That is why I call all players seriously not to continue donating, commit to at least one month, do not give money to NCSOFT, do it and see what results we will have ....

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one month wont do shit to ncsoft. theyve already squeezed us for millions. and this game will die withing one year, theres no way for people to get gear post lvl 85 unless they spend real money and get in game items. 

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