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kidding customers by adding silly vitality 15hours in Destiny Pack (package that cover 30days)


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Its an improvement on the useless pots they use to give.  Is it perfect no but I use them when i do castiallas for max xp improvement and then xp with them after.  Its about maximizing your buffs and no one says you have to use them now you can hoard them to an exp event and then blow out your xp.

work smarter not harder.

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What im saying its a move in the right direction its not the best but its something.  Im not satisfied either but its first change they made to those things in a very long time, now if they can update prestige that be better.

I making between 30 - 40 trillion xp currently a day without trying to be full of vit all the time but even if they added party xp that would go to 60 trillion a day but at the current rate it will take me over 3 months to get another level.  Chances of anyone under 112 making 112 in any less than a year without spending a lot of adena is slim if not none.  Xp rates are on these servers are fighting against people even with good gear what is the issue with keeping bonus party xp is that really that game breaking?

Shouldn't they be encouraging partying and socializing?

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