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PK system needs to be fixed


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After several attempts to warn NCSoft of the consequences of massive PK in Giran Server (players quitting the game), it seems that bringing the subject here over and over is the only feasible option, as the GMs only pointed to this forum as the only tool for improvement and players' feedback. 

Even though many people have reported here being killed in game many times per day for well-known and brand-new PK chars in game, up to now this issue has not been given the proper attention from game developers and GMs @Juji @Hime.

Changes after the last update in the PK system were a step back from all the previous efforts that were done to prevent this poisonous behavior.

PK Chars
* Today they do not drop any items upon death, unless they are killed by a mob, which unlikely happens;
* There is a clear practice of keeping a buff party in a safe location, so as the PK can be buffed and return full buffed to kill players, even after being killed. PK chars should not be able to use any teleporting magic, scrolls, including saved personal locations and character summon.  

Undoubtedly, for a long time, we have noticed that the server administration no longer cares about massive and continuous PK (bullies). Perhaps your new policy diverse from general players'. PK chars are chaotic players and now they have more benefits than punishment. Like in real life, being a criminal should have consequences and not the exact opposite. After all, this is a “massively multiplayer online role-playing game” and role-playing means there must be someone in charge with the role of higher law enforcement that deals with terrorism and clearly that should be the GMs.

We understand PVP is part of the gameplay, but there are rules that obviously are being abused... There aren’t even rewards for killing PK chars. It is time for chaotic characters to start dropping items again... (the only fun part now is getting revenge and hunting them down). At least not being able to teleport and rebuff after debuff should be added back.

Furthermore, it is also well-known that some places, such as catacombs, necropolis, Cruma, etc, are, in general, areas of farming bots. Only a few real players parties can level and farm in those areas. Real players are often PKed in those places and the Adena sellers believe they have rights and own the rooms. Even implementing account limitations and arguing the new PK system is a way to prevent and deal with bots in-game, it still did not work and the only thing you are actually achieving is having more and more players quitting the server. I already know and could list loads of friends that stopped playing, especially after you guys decided to free PK practice with no consequences at all. 

Also, there is a problem that NCSoft is completely ignoring: most of the players hiding behind anonymous PK characters and the number of PK chars (especially ponies) are increasing day by day. Few are those who go PK with mains, my respect for those.

NCSoft and GMs, either you correct these errors or you will face an empty server sooner than you imagine.

In fact, I wonder what is behind benefiting PKs in-game?

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I would like to talk about the PK System.
One thing, PK is part of the game, it's understandable.
Another thing, and what has been happening after the last changes, is the PK as an anti game, that is, without being a fair game.
And NCSoft does nothing to stop them, on the contrary, it changes the rules to favor them.
I disapprove of your ineffectiveness in allowing people who end up taking away the players' taste for the game and what it has to offer.

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This is called griefing, its not pvp, its abusing. All new players will just quit, because a. low area are not playable, because of damn bots (which most high graders roll), and better farm places are constantly and obsessively abused by high graders pk characters.

Also what gm's could do is extend the blessing of protection for people to level 76 but remove the "x levels difference" and also make it stay for a longer period, say 4/6/8h. i find a spot, you go like 30 min there and then after 30 min farm u have to go back to town to get the blessing again.

Also, why can pk chars be summoned/gate chanted? remove that as well. also the abilty to use the saved tp locations.

most importantly, REMOVE THE DAMN "NO DROP" from the PK system.... its like killing in real life but without any consequences.... really ncsoft?

Also, i started something else. Tho VIP10, i stopped buying. the direction this server is going to makes me rethink my spending behaviour. Sorry, but until further improvements, i wont buy crap (or maximum minimal crap) from you!

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Agree! Even after opening several tickets concerning constant being killed by the same PK chars, nothing has been done!!
What is the point?
We faced this problem long ago, and there were some measures to make this game fairer (and now I can even say playable?).. as the red skull and the revenge option. But it is just useless since NCSoft gave back privileges. As the player above mentioned: killing and damaging the game with no consequences.
New PK chars are being created every day, mostly the damn ponies which do not even require much gear. Plus, players that are bored or that had quit many months ago came back from nowhere to have some fun killing the ones left on the server.
It's impossible to farm in many places...unless you are an adena farmer/seller. But maybe this is what NC wants, cuz if u don't farm u may have to buy NCOINs... to not mention bots everywhere... just log a char and go for a walk and you can easily identify loads.
But who is paying the bill? the few real players you have left in this server!
This matter requires your attention!


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totally agree with you guys. pk is part of the game but the way it is setup is ridiculos..

I would propose the following: pk cannot teleport, pk cannot use a summon if pk count > 4. pk cannot use potions, scrolls and cannot receive buffs or healling, pk does loose more and more xp based on pk count when they die and at last but not least, pk cannot br ressurected. 

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I'm getting really fed up with this pk system.
I only have 1 month on the game and I'm already thinking about leaving.
At Cruma 3 players (76+) decided that Cruma was theirs.
Conclusion, it pk all the rooms where there is not their clan every 20 minutes.
If you don't want us to play say it right away!

There is very little low level zone left with adena+xp profitable.
If your goal is to scare away the newbies, it's a success!


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I like lineage a lot, I started as a lineage1 beta tester.

However, I confess that sometimes I feel that the server spends time organizing how to favor Bots or PKs and that discourages me too much. I really hope you don't lose the affection I have for you.

please give us an answer.

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Agreed with the points above.  If you play this out to the long game, here is what will happen on the current course:

1.  The bullies and PK system push people out.  There is no place to EXP or make adena, so why play the game that is supposed to be enjoyable? New and old players leave.

2.  Fewer people in game means a smaller market to buy, sell and trade goods. Look at Giran now how small it has become again.

3.  More people quit, server gets smaller, another server merge.  The merge brings new life to the game for 6 months as alliances sort things out, but then fall back into decline.

4.  Bullies push the remaining people out and the server dies or gets migrated onto a Live server.

5.  Bullies will then come online and complain that NCsoft isn't doing enough to get new players in the game, when in fact, they are the ones that pushed the people out to other games because NCsoft allows the abuse.  And all the money they invested to be top player and bully is gone/worthless.

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This post is not so long ago. and what has changed since his creation, nothing literally, because in practice the benefits to chaotic players continue.

Favoritism to bots continues, more as I said: "In the players there can be few in relation to the number of bots, the more our opinion must be heard"


I still hope that the staff will listen to us and give transparent feedback on things.

Or else you close the server and hand over the key to half a dozen children who seem to want to dominate the server.

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NcSoft will enter another birthday celebration event, I wonder if this will be the last one that will still have real players. Because the Server is moving towards a reality of Chars 100% afk, bots. And as much as we have affection for the game, without a doubt many here have family, work and it is not possible to be 24 hours in front of the PC or at least 14 hours just playing, this is for children who have no commitment in life and parents take care of everything.

Well my opinion is that without a doubt NcSoft ignores 99% of what we talk about here on the forum, I know that I gave many suggestions that should be heard, because many agreed with what I said.

unfortunately for NcSoft's birthday it will win a player who lost his faith in Staff.

* PK without punishment
* Bots dominating the server, chases unpunished by the owners of boots to the players
Server that benefits a race overlapping power in relation to the others, or what is the explanation for only having a horse dominating the server?
* Forum, abandoned that only serves for notices, (Staff -> players, and never as a communication "Staff with Players")


Could this birthday be the last?

Server will succumb to the scoria of owners of bots / pks?


I have some friends who like pvp, I believe that each one has its own type of gameplay, but I also know that there are a lot of children with some disorders that seem to play here too, Little Prince's syndrome, "Server is mine, I do what I want and I command everything "and these actions you see being forced on players by some boots / pks owners.

Separate, make a PVP server and another PVE, complicate the life of the Pks, disable the Boots, read what they say so much on the forum and do something.

Things are so serious, that I even suspect that the bots are going to disable autohunting when we leave afk and have boots close by, someone else noticed this, the Staff hasn't noticed yet.

@Hime @Juji Please do something to save the server. Look at how many suggestions are given, observe this, analyze, make a decision. Give us an answer.

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As I said before.

problems make birthday here.

* PK continues to benefit very well from the server. Here crime pays. :/ 
When will Pk be treated like a real chaotic character and leave his items on the ground for whoever killed him to pick up?
Even more, PK couldn't teleport or be pulled by anyone, it would have to drop items, and your karma to get out would have to be pretty hard.

* Giram sieges dominate every server rate??? Still that. Either open all castles or Giram only sends around Giran.

* After 3 years you guys decided to change the SS bonus(Warrior)? Sorry, but the correct thing would be to change the description of its action, not its effect.

*Please keep working on AntBot, congratulations on the implementation, the game became another one with this implementation. We thank players :D 

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