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Dear NCWest, please stop this.

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Stop increasing mobs stats every week and with every game update
Stop ninja patches
Stop nerfing xp
Stop nerfing drops
Stop providing us  with "promo pay2win events/items" with every weekly maintenance that you can obtain them only if you pay
Stop forcing us to pay thousands of dollars only to get 1% PvE damage 
Stop adding gambling boxes in L2 Store
Stop logging in only Wednesday to announce the next "events" and server maintenance. Players need to communicate with Admins
Stop sending automated replies to tickets


just give us a reason to play this game. 
You need to start care about your servers, your game. 

We need FUN  
We need to ENJOY the game.
We need instances
We need to login and have a reason to do something instead of staring our screen endless hours every day , pvping with mobs and wait years to lvl up!
We need drops, XP, to actually achieve something little day by day that will make us happy
We (lowbies) need to enjoy PvP too, somehow
We need the raids and instances to be fair for everyone, at this time in 105 instances only 110+ lvl people with decent gear can enter
We need to kill raids and mobs without dying 1 shot
We need you to upgrade this 20-years-old game machine
We are not all rich people to pay for all the millions of items our char needs (artifacts, brooch, jewels, gems, brooch, circlet etc)


It is time to realize what you are doing to your community, to your players that are supporting this game for years and now it's time to make things equal. 

I don't know if you will reply but i really hope you will at least read this topic.

@Juji @Hime @LIME

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I think you pointed them out, it'll blend in after them, they bleeped up.
But it's not their fault, we're the players to blame.
They only milk us from the cash register, I must admit, they take advantage of us.
Now consider why they should change, how they are paid and they think that it is going in the right direction.
Players are to blame because they pay for something that is wrong !!!

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