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VIP Coin shop - Aden Soul Crystals lvl 1

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Hi @Juji,

As I've previously reported - there is an issue - when Sealed Runes lvl 1 were removed from VIP coin shop without ANY warning in patch notes, so I've assumed they will stay there and I would be able to spend 220k+ (~$4000-$5000 worth of VIP) VIP coins to buy them. I also have several other VIP9/10 accounts which have total of probably $10k worth of additional VIP coins.

I've been advised by support that those were removed _temporarily_ to address other issue with old runes exchange. Now that you've forcefully exchange old runes to new ones and exchange is not needed anymore, could you please provide and ETA on when you will return runes (well, Aden Soul Crystal lvl 1) to the VIP shop please?

You've promised to look into that issue. If those won't be returned it really seems like big lack of respect to paying customers if not plain robbery.


Thanks in advance!

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