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P. Crt Dmg or PVE Dmg?


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On 7/16/2018 at 5:59 PM, Juano1 said:

With max crit rate you can land 1 crit out of three, so for farming PVE is better than crit dmg. Crit dmg is better for PVP.

1 out of 3? Have you tested this? I thought it was assumed that if 1000 critical rate meant 100% if you cut that in half its 50% so 1 in every 2.

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From what i have tested and played untill now they have the same effect in PVE (P. atk, PvE dmg, and p. critical damage).

So if u can choose, pick the one that has more stats, like augments u can get 15% critical but only 10% pve... so stick to the critical in that case.

if u talking about cloaks augment, its possible to get 7.5% critical but pve only 5% so u should try critical again.

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