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Ekimus ?


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omg you ppl 9_9


To the OP:

Instead of posting here, why not just tell your PL you didnt get the item so next time he'll know you have to run in to the NPC that ports you inside final room to get the quest done, and he can inv. u for quest again.

Or if you are on Naia pm "OmenOfSteel and you come with us to get the quest next time we go :)

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Perhaps some misunderstanding of some sort, but yes standing at the spawn point most likely wont work..


5 hours ago, Astarothy said:

First, drop that lol-7-man clan and join a mid-tier clan that surely will have enough activity to make lol ekimus with clan/ally members, then head to feoh's section and search for ways for improvement. You need them. Badly.

It is rather funny that you're talking about improving, oh well...

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