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Event Collections Bugged


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So what's exactly the point of event limited collections if they can't be used? Everything is simply wrong and we're not receiving exp/sp buffs, because we can't register the item. How it should be: on day 5 get Battlefield Token - register in a collection to get 5% exp/sp buff; on day 10 - get Shining Battlefield Token - register in a collection to get 10% exp/sp buff. And what you have in the patch notes - 3 of this and 3 of that - this is not even obtainable throughout the event, not to say we will have to select between 5% exp/sp and 10% exp/sp on day 10 - since we will only get 1 Shining Battlefield Token on day 10 (if we get one at all and it is not bugged as well). Nice execution guys. 

This is what is in the notes (we only get 1 regular and 1 shining throughout the event, the 2nd collection is unreachable): 


This is what we get on day 5: 


Which we can't register anywhere, because the Collection -> Event is like this: 

First collection: 



And 2nd collection: 


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