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Lineage 2 Aden Feedback?


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@Juji@Sunshine @Arctic @EMpulse@Hime

Hello friends players and members of Lineage 2 Aden, I want to ask to admins something:

Is "Lineage 2 Aden" open to suggestions? the opinions of the forum are taken into account? Are there chances that our feedback will impact the game?

I ask this because I was looking at the events on the Korean server where I see rewards for hints, and many events are implemented with some differences here.



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Starting from base that the Bladedancer actually does recieve aden dualswords in korean server and here doesn't, i don't think they can do much extra for us, i mean that's a little change they had to do, but they simply didn't, the reason? the only one i can think about is they just can't.

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The Aden and Classic Server are almost same... In Aden the Classes can Selfbuff and the leveling is faster.
It would better, when No-Grade and other Armorsets would be used in low level.
Smaller Quests with Gear rewards instead of Farmingquests, 5 man Instances (low lvl and high lvl), Raidbosses, more explore then teleportation, low lvl pvp.


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Problem is NCWest as even Innova running the EU Essence servers have difference. That different publishers (or management) have impact on the game, independent from the developers. 

Innova started a streamer partner program offering potentially up to $1000 in lcoin per month. This is a publisher driven initiative. NCWest would never do such a thing. Even if it's the same game I'm unaware of the publishers having discussion with each other. 

Korea is different because they get to interact directly with the parent company and developers. I've been suspecting one of the big problem with this game is the language barrier. They are based in Korea so you need to speak Korean if you want to speak to the devs. 

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